Monday, April 14, 2008

Self Justice

I was burgled in November. A guy walked into my house and stole laptops and a cell phone! On his way out he greeted my domestic helper. With the domestic helper screaming, I was running outside, but could see nobody. Then I drove around for an hour, but nothing of course! Never mind the stolen goods, but the violation of my private home made me mad with anger! What if any of us surprised him and accidentally cut him off from his escape route? After two days I phoned repeatedly to get the investigating officer to the scene, so that he could have a look at video clips. He could not come because he had no vehicle to get there! Short time later I read in the newspaper that the police guys have a R100 (US$13) allowance airtime to do their necessary phone calls to investigate. No wonder I had to follow up myself!

This morning I heard a motorist had lost a cell phone in a smash’n’grab! He followed the thief and shot him dead! The police says he will be charged with murder (if they find him), but I say WELL DONE! I SALUTE YOU!! That November morning I was HIM! No gun or anything. With bare hands and blunt claws it would have been much uglier! I hope this creates a domino effect across the country with self justice incidents. Only THEN will it be a wakeup call loud enough!

The townships already have their kangaroo courts, and the police are too afraid to interfere! Now civil society has come down to a basic rawness because there is no functioning justice system. Let this be a lesson for the politicians. 2010 is coming up, and I want to see an Olympic effort to do something with the crime, police and justice system. Maybe some time in the future we won’t need kangaroo courts and self justice anymore! When I think about it, I would have been shocked and not saluted the guy, had it been in Norway.


beaverboosh said...

Just aint worth it dude! Though warning, things are changing here!

Jonny said...

Sorry Beaver.. lost you there! What's changing??

Anonymous said...

Also curious ... only changes i'm seeing are bad ... ?

I'm enjoying the current olympic flame dances though, people of the world know what the olympics are about, and being very clear on how they feel.

Instead of proudly unifying the world, this years torch is protected and relit, because people want no part of it.

Anonymous said...

Violence on the mind. So glad to be alive, well-fed and peaceful on my terrace among Manhattan's skyscrapers....
I am sure there are those who will say I am spoilt. But I worked my backside off to get here, so very deserving in my opinion. Even though my backside is growing back to its old large portions again. :-)