Monday, May 7, 2007

South Africa - on my communist trail

As I'm visiting my home country now I'm staying with my old man. It's kinda nostalgic, coz I'm staying in my own room with my son. It's pretty much like I left it about 16 years ago, with all my books and comics and guy things. If this was in a big city or something my father would probably have moved a number of times and "my room" would have been history. This is possible only because this is in the middle of the woods on a farm that my father is very attached to. But my room IS history... or has some stories to tell. Among all my old things I've got an old bust of Lenin, the late communist. I bought it as a souvenir on vacation when I was 14years old! I also got a huge Russian flag that used to hang on my door - a gift from a Russian couple that I exchanged some favors (exchanging currency and bought international tobacco) with. Later I studied Russian language for two years and did a project on Marxism. What kind of communist was I really? I'm shocked when I think about it! I remember hosting a party once... and gave directions on how to get here. As a landmark we put the humongous Russian flag on the house wall... wonder what other people were thinking back then right after the cold war, LOL!

A few years ago... on the way down to South Africa, we stopped in London to visit some friends. I was busy telling Derek about the Norwegian society... the equal distribution of wealth, level of salaries and business life in general. Derek made his own conclusion - "so it's a f**king communist state then"? I was surprised and quite impressed at the same time, it was hard to deny the similarities. At the same time I remembered an attempt to merge two telecom companies from Norway and Sweden. When the whole merger collapsed, a Swedish politician called Norway the last soviet state - years after the Soviet Union collapsed. So maybe we are... and I was just showing signs of being a product of this communist state?

Now, years later again I live in South Africa. I live with my family and enjoy it big time down here. Many of the freedom fighters during Apartheid was in fact communists, or helped and funded by the communists in the Soviet Union. ANC has got some of it's roots in communism... and ever since the Apartheid, ANC has been in charge. Norway and South Africa has got something in common for sure. Maybe it's not coinsidential at all that I'm here... Maybe it's the communist inside me that unconsciously drew me here... and maybe that's why I'm enjoying it so much also? I'm scaring myself here now... what other dark secrets will I find within myself if I continue searching? I'm sure my wife will object to the communism theory though and give another story behind my gravitational pull towards South Africa. She is right of course! Evidence is sleeping right next to me here in his fathers old bedroom. We will gravitate back the same way soon - to South Africa!


house of fluff said...

Du burde vurdere å kontakte noen Norske forlag å vise dem det du alt har her, det kan hende det er av interesse. Jeg så en bok som jeg lurte på å kjøpe for noen uker siden, som rett å slett var en blogg, skrevet av en ung mann i Afganistan. Husker ikke navnet men skal se om jeg finner den igjen så kan jeg sende deg navnet. Det var bare han som fortalte om livet sitt som selvfølgelig var veldig farga av hva som foregår rundt han.

Jonny said...

Thanx Anne, and superblush! Will you buy the book then? Nah, I'll give you a free copy anyway, so don't worry about it. For now I just enjoy my own lunacy. Maybe after some time I can review what's here and see if it can make a book. We'll see how the blogging goes... and how the response is!!