Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stalactites and masala-fingers, March 26th

I found rock hard evidence for the “taste is in the fingers” theory today. We went into the Wonder Cave in Sterkfontein, and our guide warned us; “Do not touch the Stalagmites or Stalactites”. Fair enough, we had no problem with that… but the reason! Apparently the stalactites are growing from minerals in the water that drip from the ceiling of the cave. Those minerals will not be able to hold on and build further on the rock-formations. The oils and grease on our fingers will make the minerals slip and slide like Bambi on the ice, off the rocks… It’s like killing the rocks! They will stop growing. Imagine you could do that with a single touch. Clean hands or not – doesn’t matter… It’s the masala-fingers once again! The oils and the masala is still there, coming on and on from your pores.

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