Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kinky/redhead genes!

On Friday I found this article in the local newspaper (The Star Aug 10th) here about a theory on coexistence between Homo habilis and Homo erectus. I find this very exciting in the light of the Neanderthal Affair and the red hair theory (http://stensbys.blogspot.com/2007/08/neanderthal-affair.html)! With an “able” habilis and a willing erectus, maybe this was the start of the red hair gene…? The discovery of a new female erectus annihilate this theory though – the coexistence between habilis and erectus that is. One of them (habilis or erectus), or some other monkey, could still have done the deed if it wasn’t a neanderthal… right?!

The new erectus that was discovered is the first female that is ever found. It shows a big difference in size between the sexes. This is characteristically found in other ape species also, and considered a primitive character!

“She said (Dr. Emma Mbua) this could also mean the sexual behaviour of Homo erectus was more like that of apes than that of its more monogamous human successors.”
“Sexual behaviour of an Ape”! This only strengthens my suspicion that there may have been some coupling between the modern ape and a more primitive ape to have caused the older red hair gene! It’s actually very likely given the “Sexual behaviour of an Ape”! That sounds very raw, wild and animalistic, and deviant for a modern man! If the neanderthal wasn’t the culprit that planted the red hair, then maybe a Homo erectus… or rather a “Hetero erectus”! …and a confused sapiens with a deviant kinky preference! The key is to find which other monkey did the Homo sapiens coexist with. The primitive Mystery X monkeys would obviously jump anything and cause not grey, but red hair, LOL!

Since “red hair” implies a mix between a sapiens and a neanderthal, an erectus or a habilis or whatever… then I must also derive from this that the “red hair” gene is also a “deviant kinky gene”, right?! All the kinkyness is carried on to todays redheads. So watch out for the redheads!!


Anonymous said...

Hey man you certainly made up for your absence!!!!
Kinky redheads ... ooooooooooo
Although to be honest throwing "neanderthal" into the mix is a bit off putting!!!!!
I got a ebook i must mail, also goes into the evolution and spread of mankind .... very interesting topic.

Graham said...

The Lady in my Life is a redhead. Ha, is she going to hear about this.

Jonny said...

David, if it wasn't the neanderthal, then it could have been another culprit ape... I'm open to all possibilities :-)

Ouch Graham! No hard feelings from my side... try to pass that message through along with the rest... maybe before, OK! I'm simply interpreting the facts here... taking a neutral stand if you like and let all the evidences guide me, hehe. I'm sure all the redheads will understand, don't you tink? You know a cottage far away from civilization btw??!!

Jonny said...

Just one more thing! Kinky genes doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing you know... :D