Monday, March 3, 2008

My spiritual time travel

If you travel with the speed of light, you would actually do a time-travel they say. Only if you travel towards the core and the very beginning of the universe (or all the universes, not sure of the correct terminology here) though. As we are constantly moving away from that starting point we are all ageing. Slow that down, and you don’t have to look for the fountain of youth any more.

Driving back and forth between home and work, I’m wondering if just one of the ways are “the right” direction? The speed is of course insignificant compared to speed of light and time travels. Nevertheless, with the right direction… wouldn’t I in fact slow down my own ageing process marginally but still? I would think so! It’s like walking from the back to the front of a plane in mid air, you will outfly all of your fellow passengers during that walk. Whilst planet earth is constantly ageing, I would be one of the least ageing people… on my way either to or from work. I should actually find out which it is… maybe I should skip work and go the opposite direction?! My daily return would in any event nullify the effect. To get a proper effect in other words, you have to leave earth. Unless of course you could give earth a push with some giant rockets. But that would be practically impossible. Just imagine getting earth out of orbit and onto the right direction and handling all the other solar systems and orbits that you would be sucked into… A space/time shuttle is the only way!!

In my space shuttle I could go at the speed of light times 50. No 50 times the speed of light would still take forever… well, it would go fast enough for the purpose eventually for this imaginary trip of mine. I would travel until I reach the preferred age. I can’t remember which era I enjoyed the most… 16-18 maybe… or 25. In any event, when I reach the desired age I could put the cruise control on at the exact speed of light so that I could stay, say 25 for as long as I wanted.

The only problem is once again direction?! Direction is crucial in this case, as I would become a very wrinkled man if I took a wrong turn. But how do you find the beginning of the universe? My compass and GPS would be very confused on an intergalactic journey like this… turn left at the end of the milky road… If we were at least at the edge of the universe, I could make a 90degree angle from the edge and follow a straight path back to the centre and the beginning of time. Just imagine the flat pancake earth where I’m trying to find the centre. Of course in this case we’re talking 3D… or a big stack of pancakes, but unfortunately the edge is nowhere to be seen. It seems we are right somewhere in the middle of the galactic porridge. I’m sure NASA could provide me with a space map and give me a general direction as a start. I’ve been backpacking before, and I quite enjoy improvising. There is no doubt in my mind that I will find my way. After all, I don’t need to go all the way to the beginning of time, as I would in any event be way too young by… back then!

It would be very interesting however to get to the bottom of things and the beginning of time. What would I find? I’m a great believer in The Big Bang theory, but still have a hard time explaining that there was “nothing” before that. How could anything start if there was initially “nothing”?! The mega rock that eventually exploded and made all the planets and stars must have come from somewhere also…? It seems that God is ignoring his creations and not showing up in court as I was hoping for earlier, so this might be the only way to confront God with his/her existence. He/she must have left fingerprints or something that can get me on track. There is no perfect crime, right! Lucky I’ve picked up a couple of tricks from the Hardy boys, Mrs. Fletcher and CSI. God – here I come!!

Hmmm… for a second I thought my own theories implied that God left us at day one after creation. No wonder nobody saw him/her after that… Rather though he could be anywhere these days watching over us like an invisible ghost. In any event, the only certain point in time where I know I can catch him/her red handed is back in the days when he created earth and the rest. Given these facts, why the hell did nobody contact God? I'm surprised and really disappointed NASA did not prioritize this and establish a shuttle/pony express!!


A 2 Z said...

This is in reference to your previous post. I used to read your blog in the begining but I had to prioritize my life and cut down a lot on my blogging. I was also an expat living in Joburg in the 90's. I had two small girls at the time. I arrived there very naive thinking that the white people had been very horrible towards the blacks. But within 2 weeks my perception changed. I could see how it was affecting the children living there. Before they were always trusting and happy. They became quiet, sad and anxious. So did I. My husband was there for work on and off for at least 10 years. When I could not take it anymore I would leave and tell him I could not live there anymore because of the stress. After a few months we missed each other too much and I would go back regretting it after a few days. It was a love/hate relationship I was entertaining between my husband and South Africa all at the same time.

I was tagged a racist by other expats in my group for putting up bars, electrical fences and an alarm system in my house. They all got zapped by crime except me.

You are doing the right thing by moving especially for your kids. Imagine the trauma for these young minds seeing people being killed. Anyhow the place to be these days is Chili. Its all happening there. I have friends there and I would kill to go. We will see.

I wish I could tell Maple to stay home. I have nothing against her but she seems to have a death wish. What being in love can do to a person's sanity!

Jonny said...

Glad to see u dropped by again then! It seems that we are in good company with crowds of other expats, but also South Africans. Sad, but what can you do?

Anonymous said...

I feel wholeheartedly for all those expats who want to move back to their countries after a brief sojourn in SA.
At the same time, I was born and raised there and must say, despite the horror of everyday crime, grew up to be a resilient, happy and forward-looking person. While I don't have any "trust" issues, I am also hard to fool!
In everyday life in SA I also experienced an astonishing amount of human kindness, love, tolerance, respect which I've never seen mentioned in blogs such as these.
Perhaps one day, when SA has a high a literacy rate, a low unemployment rate and a well-fed population, we'll hear about those things too...


Jonny said...

You're making me sleepless with bad conscience now. It was never the intention to write such negative stuff. The delete button did win a couple of times...

It was of course the love and human kindness that for a huge part drew us here also. It's shocking to discover that I've overlooked that part during all this time... maybe between the lines somewhere... but very unbalanced!! Maybe reflecting some other unbalances?

Anonymous said...


I don't mean to give you a bad conscience. I guess I am just tired of all the negative publicity - and believe me, your blog is by no means the only publicity engine I am exposed to!
As a matter of fact, I am easily irritated by types (mostly blue-eyed academics) who don't even live in Africa but who like to hype the continent as an investment alternative (, blithely referring to the continent as a wellspring of hope. No reference to the daily operational hazards of BEE and the fact that in a country where laws can be changed overnight, the risk-reward ratio is tilted ridiculously to the risk side. Aaarggh...


Anonymous said...

a2z: With absolutely no disrespect intended, I really think parenting has a lot to do with how your children perceive a situation.

I too was born and raised in SA. I consider myself to be a well adjusted, forward thinking individual with a great amount of strength. I have no doubt my parents attitude toward situations and people, to a great degree, shaped my own view of the world!

It is so sad that your own perceptions caused such stress in your children and has negatively affected them. Always look to yourself and never blame your situation I say!