Monday, August 13, 2007

The Neanderthal Affair!!

Scientists are trying to map the genes of the world’s population. They make a gene tree based on the different genes. The genes are like echoes from the past apparently when you know how to interpret them. One specific thing that have been deciphered and established as a truth among scientists is that red haired people have got a gene that dates back much longer than the rest of the people. Red hair = older genes!

I remember this monkey / early man chart that I saw recently. Homo Sapiens coexisted with the Neanderthals for quite some time. Then Homo Sapiens Sapiens (2xSapiens monkey) entered. Homo Sapiens Sapiens is the modern man as I understand and very close to you and me (or identical). The 2xSapiens monkey made the single Sapiens monkey extinct just like PS2 and the current PS3 squeezed Playstation out of the market.
Scientists have worked to place the genes systematically in a gene map/tree, but the red hair gene is still an open question! Since the 2xSapiens coexisted with the Neanderthals for a while, there is now a growing suspicion that they had a successful affair that resulted in… red hair!

Remember the early men that I wrote about earlier. There was one kind in the southern parts of Africa, south of the rivers and other insurmountable obstacles, and another breed (or clan of the same kind) that made it across the rivers and eventually out of Africa ( I have yet to see an African with anything but black hair… never natural red in any event!
I feel a bit bad about publishing that second monkey theory as it puts black people in an unfavorable light. It is not in complete compliance with all the BEE stuff these days you may say. That’s why I’m very happy to publish this theory! It must of course have been the adventurous ape further north, and the forerunners of white people, that had the Neanderthal affair. No other people than whites have red hair as far as I know. I think that should sort of make up for it and make it even between the races. I think content wise for this blog, I can safely get myself a BEE scorecard by now!

As far as I know, there are nobody with red hair in my family… or it is so washed out that it only appears accidentally for every so and so many generations?!

I am not 100% sure whether I am considered a 2xSapiens, 3xSapiens or a later edition. What if I am now a 3xSapiens and coexist with lots of 2xSapiens’? How will I know?? I could be accused for another “Neanderthal Affair” some time in the future… and I didn’t even know!! These scientists must really get their act together and find out about this latest by yesterday if you ask me! I hear people say “mixing” is good though, and that it increases the gene pool. Between clan members of the superior ape I can agree, but what if you couple a 3xSapiens with a 2xSapiens. Wouldn’t the result be a 2,5xSapiens?! And wouldn’t that slow down the evolution process?? You see my concern here right?!


Anonymous said...

hmm.. actually black people with red hair do exist! and are fairly well documented i believe.
i have met several of them through the years, oddly all children.
the hair colour is often accompanied, as it is in whites, by freckles.
and of course freckles are seen in many black skinned people.
i did presume that blacks with red hair had a white red haired parent,or grandparent etc, though to produce a red haired child the other parent- the black one would have to have the red hair gene too- it could have been in their families for hundreds or possibly thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

Apparently blonde hair can also appear in "Negroid" people.

Michael said...

You can not account black people and africans in the same boat. Black people have some european influence while africans do not. There arent any records of FULL BLOODED africans with no european influence of having red hair or freckles. I believe that white people are lesser than African people due to the neanderthal influence in europe. Seeing as white people display many of the features found in neanderthals such as LOW BROWS and being STOCKY AND BARREL CHESTED. White people have larger heads like neanderthals. not meaning they are smarter but that they are more primitive.there for mixing white and black increases the evolution of white people but slows down the evolution of black and african people. I do not believe mixing is good. I do not want to be slowed down genetically and my child will not be allowed to marry any one but blacks or africans.

Jonny said...

Michael! Losen up man! This is nothing but humouristic nonsense/twaddle, nothing dead serious. I do want to give you some comments in return though.

If any race were ever mixed with the Neanderthals, then it was most likely white people. That's just my sense of logic, but I grant you that. When it comes to features, I will rather not comment on any race. But maybe the Neanderthals were bright enough to know their own limitations, and therefore mixed to sort it out? That's a smart Neanderthal for ya :-)

I read somewhere (though I cannot account for exactly where) that scientists measuring IQ actually found asians to be brightest, and whites second... So if the scientists are right, and know what they are doing, you are wrong! Features may be deceiving, as you can see.

Another thing the scientists seems to agree on is that mixing actually increases the gene pool (read smart Neanderthal above), and that it's good for evolution. So once again, I'm not so sure you are right! Isolation and inbreeding has neither proved very successful earlier. Hitler would probably have agreed with you though, although in favor of his superior aryan race.

I never approved of Apartheid and its ideology. I can see tendencies of the exact opposite happening in SA today. I know a lot of people (blacks, africans, mixed and whites) that are concerned about the development in SA. A lot of people leave the country for that very reason. These are generally educated and smart people - thus called the brain drain! In that respect, evolution is on a decline in SA, sorry to say...

Racial hatered, crime and political development are the reason why I did not want to stay and bring up my children in SA. They are mixed and quite bright both.

We can of course agree to disagree, but I fail completely to understand your logic and reasoning. You will allow your children to mix with blacks, although you admit they have some european influence... Wouldn't that threaten to make your grandchildren more... stupid?! Oh, maybe I just didn't understand your sense of humour at first, LOL. Good one!

Anonymous said...

Here's one for ya,
I reckon I am definitely part Neanderthal, I have a solid eyebrow and red in my beard. But I'm tall (6'4), thin, and most likely smarter than all those fools stupid enough to think that isolated narrow mindedness is good for progression. I'll give this, humans all feel the same feelings, screw what they are capable of thinking because there is no standard measure within Any population. So why deny love, happiness, community between people cos they have a different shade to you, maybe you're the lower and should actually be sucking up.
I'm one potential Neanderthal descendant that is proud of who I am, and could care less because life's good. Oh yeah, I was a very high achiever in school and university, I own a successful business, and support a lifestyle which would make any hater reconsider pushing me away cos my skins white/brown and beard red.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, science shows Neanderthals were actually an African species long before they got to Europe, and lets not forget homo erectus. Nor is there evidence to say Neanderthals were 'inferior' had they followed the same path as us. They did lack a fully developed frontal lobe, but I damaged my completely in a car accident and I still have a higher than average IQ. So if someone wants to talk about 'superiority' of races, they should read heavily, and trust me, you will find that without the skin, humans are just a ball of electric meat, pretty much the same everywhere.

Jonny said...

Anonymous2! (Just to distinguish between you and Anonymous the 1st)

Thank you for a refreshing comment! According to the theories I have myself presented here, I cannot exclude the possibility that I am myself part Neanderthal. My hight and potato nose might be distinct Stensby features as well as Neanderthal features.

I am mighty impressed by your damaged Neanderthal frontal lobe! It seems to work really well!!

Electric meat, hahaha!! Just different wrapping... Maybe it's just successful and not so successful marketing, and the perceptions thereof...?! Not to say that says anything about superior IQ/brains though... damn how did I boomerang back to that once again???