Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Carlsberg and swastika

A while ago I was talking about the use of the swastika symbol during the Kavady... and discussing the meaning of the swastika with Tiffany... I know for a fact that it symbolizes something pure, and that it was a fitting symbol for Hitler when he wanted to promote his ideology, his party and the pure arian race.

Last night during a beer tasting get together, my friend Geir actually gave me some interesting information about the swastika that I did not know. Carlsberg... probably the best beer in the world actually used the swastika symbol in their marketing up until 1940. Obviously the pureness thing was a nice thing to associate with the beer to try and sell some more beer. Even today you can see other labels of beer telling you how nice and pure the brewing process really is... trying to convince you that this is the right choice of beer for you. Pure or clean seems to be important values to link to beer. Carlsberg had the swastika symbol obviously until Hitler gave the swastika symbol another meaning. They had to give up the swastika emblem... as Hitler had ruined their marketing... and the value of the symbol. Swastika was forever ruined as something positive in marketing.

I'm surprised Robert Mugabe haven't made use of the swastika symbol as yet also. He cleans out the white farmers from the country, then he wipes out all resistance... they must obviously be of a different breed. Then he demolishes some villages and slum areas and kill some random people on the street... By now he should have a pretty narrow and PURE genepool left. Worthy of a bold black swastika if you ask me.

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