Friday, March 28, 2008

Zim election!

Our domestic helper (Judith) went home to Zimbabwe recently to visit family. Upon arrival officials took her passport, and rumours said that it was because of the election at the end of March, tomorrow to be specific.

Earlier this month Judiths husband went to deliver his vote back in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. At the same time he asked what options Judith had, being in South Africa. They soon found out that Judith had in fact voted already - but she was completely unaware herself. No wonder Mugabe is confiscating passports! It doesn't hit the media like the ordinary massacres. I was just thinking about all those people that drowns trying to cross the river to South Africa. If Mugabe has put up a net downstream, he can probably pick up a lot of passports... and Zim-salabim VOTES!!

The newspapers report that everything looks fine in the Zimbabwean election. What a joke!!


hello, my name is danny. said...

wow jonny!

makes me wonder how our elections in the u.s. would go if we had to live under that fear. well, it's not exactly like we don't under the shrub known as our president.

A 2 Z said...

I hear that the opposition leader is hiding in SA for his own safety. Mbeki has never openly criticized Mugabe. They are both communists. Its Tuesday April 1 and I am hearing that Mugabe wants to share the power. A bit like what happended in Kenya. Why cant they act like gentlemen and step down like other countries do? The opposition said that they have not heard anything from Mugabe wanting to share the leadership. Who is telling the truth? I wonder if the the party will act like all the other ones in Africa. Will it be just be a new set of actors just as corrupt as the last ones? I cant find any countries in Africa that are not led by corrupt officials.

Anonymous said...

WOW... good Lord.. it is some what astonishing how ignorant africans can be... WAKE UP! i fear the same results for South Africa in the near future! People blind folded to the truth... corrupt leaders and blind supporters "CHASING" freedom! need to leave and i am young and educated! Brain drain is a serious threat to us all..but im not going to hang around while this country crumbles like Zimbabwe.