Thursday, November 22, 2007

South Africa seen through the gun barrel!

All things are relative. Coming from Norway I thought it was scary and quite extreme to see the money transfer guards with bullet proof wests and automatic guns. Right after we moved to South Africa there was a period with lots of heists against money transport vehicles. I used to shy away from those vans, thinking the whole scene could explode in flying bullets any second.

The police in Norway are not carrying guns even. Only once a decade or so, when some unstable person has screwed things up, a special armed unit is called in. In the 1970’s or 80’s some time, still during the cold war, a Russian fighter plane “accidentally” like their submarines, crossed the border to Norway. A sharp alarm went off – no exercise! Many of the officers at the nearby military camp escaped across the border into neutral Sweden. Left was the youngsters still in training on how to fire a gun. This story was told by my superior officer, and whilst he was battling to sculpt soldiers, we dug down our blanks. We rather shouted; “Bang, you’re dead” than having to clean that gun once again. If invaded Norway is supposed to “hold the fort” for a few minutes before allied support kicks in. But hey, that was 15 years ago… it’s probably down to a few seconds now. They have to be realistic right? It’s a nation of pacifists! The Viking age is far gone. Only when Sweden sent us back into the arms of Hitler, did the anger and fighting spirit arise… or when you are robbed in your own house at broad daylight!!

So you can imagine what a difference it was coming to South Africa from Norway. My wife used to point out beautiful properties, whilst all I could see was high walls with barbed wires. Over time I have learned to see what she sees, but after robbery and theft those walls are fading back into focus again!

My brother in law had some trips to DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) lately. He was shocked with all the people on the streets carrying guns. “Big deal”, I’m thinking. Like you don’t see that here in South Africa? Apparently young kids were carrying guns and getting drunk on the streets. We spoke to him on the phone, coz he was isolated because of some riots… and a few guys were killed. I guess that’s relatively a “huge deal” after all, even compared with South Africa!

Where is South Africa going?” What is my opinion on this… when I’ve chosen to bring my family here? You gotta have an answer to your own family for putting them through this terror!! If Thabo Mbeki manages to trump through a third period I foresee Zimbabwe #2 and he will probably die in power! Madiba (Nelson Mandela) is old, and without him as an icon… where does hope go?! You can alternatively bring a rapist and tax evader to power… and any other prospects are not likely any better. It is such a sad and fucked up picture of South Africa! I have dark thoughts about a pest eradicating all the weed and shit from this society. AIDS serves very well in that respect! With an “untouchable” kleptomaniac AIDS-minister prescribing beetroot and garlic, this is working out remarkably fine according to “MY little black book”! I must be a new Nostradamus, because this is happening right now! I can down a bottle of whiskey (mampoer or whatever) and see South Africa’s future clearly down the barrel of a gun (crystal balls are for cheats!). This is RELATIVELY BAD compared to everything I know!!

I need help to get some positive input here to see through this thick overshadowing cloud of shit! Please convince me otherwise! Otherwise I’ll cancel my father’s vacation and book my own family’s ticket back to Norway! I believe we will contribute nicely to the brain drain without thinking too highly of ourselves!!

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beaverboosh said...

Hey pal,

I have read your blogs for the last week or so and they have given me a blood curdling chill!

Though I complain about many things in Norway, it appears a rather self indulgent expression of political and economic principles that are, at best marginal to us lucky people from the civilised world!

I love my life in Norway and beleive it to be one of the best places on the planet to reside. I feel the same way about Canada.

Mate, get the fuck out! Life is too short. You have done your time. Your family is too important to mess around with SA vodoo. Let them work their own shit out and if they fuck it up and self destruct, that's their problem.

If it is sun you craze, move to OZ.

Good luck and may the force be with you.