Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My daily Apartheid

The company that I work for is not super big, but still multi in many ways! Multiple nationalities, culture, food… and quite a number of Jews also I’ve noticed. I could never pick a Jew from a crowd… fully dressed. Oh well, I see some of them wearing those small round patches on their heads. Other than that, I never really cared to find any distinct Jewish features for any reason. To me they blend in amongst the whites of the rainbow nation.

In the canteen we have different tables with hot food for lunch, really nice food. From day one I have simply picked from any table depending on what appealed to me the most at the time. I thought everybody else did also. One day when I was early there was no spoon to dish up from the tray. Naturally I helped myself and found a spoon so I could dig in. A lady tapped me on the shoulder and told me in an irritated tone that I can’t use metal (dirty I assume) spoons on the kosher table! Before any regulars at the table had a chance basically, Jonny messed up all their food! It was suddenly not so kosher anymore! Aha… so that’s why so many people at work use plastic cutlery when there are still tons of proper knives and forks to take from. Personally I think it must be damn annoying to break four plastic knives for every attempt on a piece of meat. It would ruin my meal totally!

Later I’ve learnt that there is also a halal table. Omnivore as I am, I have visited all tables. Halal too! I can’t say I have noticed any distinct kosher or halal taste. I am still blissfully unaware whether I have upset the halals or how I may have upset them. Any other groups also for that sake. I have now narrowed it down to one table where my barbaric Viking ways are accepted (as far as I’m aware of). If I move too close to either halal or kosher, I can feel the angry looks… so you’ll find me sitting down there in the corner!

In retrospect, the queues to each table have been helpful to identify and map the different groups at work. Fellow barbarians, kosher and halal at least. It’s like a small internal Apartheid going on. A buffet style group areas act! In this lunchtime segregation I am grouped together with Zulu’s and other African tribes represented. I wonder whether this can give me any BEE/Affirmative Action credits?!


beaverboosh said...

I feed at the trough with the other pigs at my office canteen. I've never really noticed the difference between the animals!

Anonymous said...

....and soon to come, a table for the Vegans too!?

Glad to hear that the Halaal/Kosher food does not take distinctly different.

According to my mother-in law, a Halaal chicken when put into a pot to be boiled (like most barbarians do with their chicken), sinks right to the bottom of the pot regardless what the amount of liquid! Why do you think that is?
It certainly is much more co-operative than a chicken that demands on floating around whilst one prods and pokes trying to keep it down so that it may cook evenly!

Maybe we should all consider slaughtering our meat Halaal style?


Jonny said...

Oh yes, the veggie table also, lol! We get regular lashings over email from the office manager for digging in so that the herbivores have to starve.

Beaver! Thorough observations over time is necessary... then go through your notes in a years time and you'll have a Eureka experience like myself!

Tommy! The boiling chickens are a story by itself! A deepdive into different fundamentalist mindsets are necessary to understand 100%!