Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Zimbabwe’s (Bob’s) NEW national anthem!

Driving back after my dives at Aliwal Shoal, Umkomaas, I’m listening to some heavy metal. This is one of my rare opportunities to really dig my own music… as it is banned inside the walls of our home. Once in a while I need a dose of metal with some proper oomph! Usually it makes my foot heavy on the accelerator. Heavy metal is not compatible with the slow lane in my mind, although my driving has matured over the years. Now, I hold the speed limits even! It’s the cruise control on our new car that makes it possible. I don’t mind a few extra minutes, so I pull over to the slow lane and put the cruise control a few km below speed limit. Imagine that! I want this moment to last! Very chaffed about my two dives for the day, I am really in the mood for some potent riffs. I turn up the volume and play some Megadeath. How else could I better end a perfect day of diving and doing my own “guy things”?! As I listen to the text of the song though, my thoughts wander from sharks and Manta Rays to Bob! It strikes me that this particular song could serve very well as a national anthem for Zimbabwe, at least as long as Bob is in charge. The text goes:

You take a mortal man
And put him in control
Watch him become a god
Heads are gonna roll…

It’s a blueprint of the Zimbabwean history under Mugabe! And the very fitting name of the Zim anthem is of course; “Symphony of destruction”!


abraxas said...

Rock on!!!!!
Heavy metal is the only music to play... especially in traffic.
How can you NOT be allowed metal at home??? It's my kids favourite music! *grin*

Jonny said...

I will call a family meeting ASAP and invite you to plead my case on the matter!!!

Between the two of us... I manage to squeeze in some tunes every now and then. My son (2,5yo)is getting it in his blood already... you should see him move to the beats!!! Makes a father proud!!

inu said...

No Metalheads allowed at UB40 on friday!! By Order

Graham said...

Mugabe: Strange that common sense never prevails - I'm cvonvinced I must be missing the Big Picture

Jonny said...

Who you talking to???? I'm not even magnetic... so can't be me!

Sleepless said...

Sorry, but here is where me and my twin part ways. Long as it's 80s...Bring on the Mötley Crue, gimme some Whitesnake and, most of all, just pour some sugar on me...in the name of love!!!