Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Japanese way

Japanese people are funny people. They are short and they work very hard. They’re like ants, the way they struggle to bring necessary supplies to the anthill. The Japanese have been in the forefront of the car industry and developed some amazing philosophies in production, logistics and economy. Toyota is a prime example. From their plants emerged the “kanban” and “just in time” and other philosophies to improve efficiency and competitiveness. Right product at the right time and at the right cost etc. Machines and robots were brought in to take care of huge parts of the production process… and a lot of people were replaced. It was nothing personal, just money. Only time and numbers are counting. Feelings were taken out of the equation. Factories around the world today in all sorts of industries have implemented these same philosophies… they couldn’t afford not to. The Japanese people are truly impressive. I am even more impressed when I see Japanese people on vacation. How the hell do they have time to go on vacation in the first place in all their efficiency and highly pressurized work market? Yet again the answer is efficiency of course! They probably have two weeks of vacation every ten years, in which they have to fit everything they have dreamt of. The tightly packed schedule is an exhaustive read… and mine and Øyvinds speed vacation here in SA is peanuts in comparison. On vacation they see everything through the camera lens. Not because they are professional photographers, but because they have so little time and have to immortalize the impressions for the next ten years to come. This philosophy has not been given a name yet as far as I know. Well implemented it is though. Elephants, Rhinos and Giraffes are rare species in the Norwegian woods, and must thus be captured in digital format and immortalized for all cost. To make the park rangers work extended hours or risk being locked up inside the park with lions and hyenas over night is a small price to pay. Øyvind took no less than 2700 pictures of birds and animals. That’s vacation through a lens… now he is safely back home and can start enjoying the captured moments I hope.


machan said...

two weeks vacation every year and also a lot of national hollidays.

Jonny said...

Hi Machan! U from Japan? No offence! Thought they didn't dare to take out all their vacation?

One of my favourite bands are japanese btw, Loudness!!